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Resume Blogging

The reason I resume my blog after several months is LeNPaul’s new update that integrates features such as Read more

Counterexample of Abusing Simultaneous Assignments in Python

When learning python, I was amazed by a, b = b, a and thought, “I don’t need to keep track of or caching any variables now when I want to do simultaneous assignment thanks to python!” Read more

Vectorized cs231n Beautifully with numpy

I started to work on cs231n assigments recently. Read more

Replace derivatives in back propagation

When I tried to calculate the derivative of ReLU, i.e. $Y = max(0, X)$ where Y, X are (N, H) dimension matrix, I was astounded. Isn’t it a 4-dimension array of shape (N, H, N, H)? Read more

Statitical Learning Theory Note by Hisashi Kashima

The course was taught in Spring 2017. The course material is here. Read more