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Resume Blogging

The reason I resume my blog after several months is LeNPaul’s new update that integrates features such as

to Lagrange. This is just what I want (after comparing with other CMS such as HubPress or PageKit).

To be specific, my ideal blogging experience would be:

And they are all possible thanks to LeNPaul who created and continue to maintain this cool Jekyll theme.

And it seems that so much has changed since my first download that I need to adapt to hereafter.

In addition, I started to use Weava, a chrome extension that enable website highlighting. With this great tool I no longer need to record any tips for programming or environment setup. So all of these kinds of posts are archived here.

Indeed, I recently came to realize the benefit of conveying some ideas to some listeners, whether they are students, professors or laymen. It is the moment we let someone know an idea when we master that idea. So I decide to change my blogging style and instead sharing my insights of recent works of mine or others, in a way that is informative for you, the visitors of my blog, regardless of technical knowledge.

Well, wish me a merry blogging :)

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