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最近听书迷上了井口裕香朗读《爱书的下克上(本好きの下剋上)》。 Read more

Manage Python environment with Pyenv + Anaconda + Pipenv

Pipenv is great. But it is not a perfect solution. Besides, sometimes it is convenient if we can use anaconda to manage some libraries that does not work well with pip. Read more


演唱会上听了1st PLACE村山社长和Lia的聊天,才知道原来1st PLACE制作并推广IA的一个重要原因是Lia结婚育儿导致的一段时间的活动暂停。 Read more


以公司为主体的行为的方方面面,都体现着那么一些人的意志。 Read more

Deploy Django REST Framework project using API Gateway

Set up API Gateway Sending GET request Front-end: 403 + CORS error Back-end: one-time 301 response Sending POST request: 500 error Solution: add a trailing slash to the endpoint URL Why the CORS error was thrown? Set up API Gateway It is easy to wrap an existing API with API Gateway to hide t... Read more