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Configure ESLint and Prettier and Vetur in VSCode

ESLint and Prettier and Vetur conflict with one another, so it is a nightmare to make all of them working together in vscode. Read more

zsh not working properly under pyenv virtualenv in vscode

TL;DR Read more

No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header error triggered accidentally when using format_suffix_patterns in Django REST framework

After I set up my Django backend with django-cors-headers, I tried to access the api endpoint at from the front-end (which is served from http://localhost:8080) by a GET request. Read more

Cascading priority of global styles in Vue

Since a style tag without a scoped attribute is global in Vue.js, we can write a selector in the child component to style the parent component. Like below (Interactive Demo) Read more

AWS Cognito Authentication with email and password using amplify cli

It’s wierd that Amplify does not yet support out-of-the-box email + password sign up, but it’s possible to implement with some configuration. Read more