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ssh: connect to host github.com port xxx: Connection timed out

Symptom Read more

Python Import ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'xxx'

sys.path by default does not need to includes current running position, which can be quite confusing and often leads to ModuleNotFoundError. Read more

Synchronous, Asynchronous, and Compound beforeEnter Guard with Vue Router

The beforeEnter hook of Vue Router serves as a guard from inappropriate user access. In this article, we explore its power by three examples: checking current state, waiting until the state satisfies certain condition, and put them together. Read more

Enable WebSocket support of Ganache CLI and Subscribe to Events

This week, Ganache CLI released beta version 7.0.0 which introduces support for WebSocket. It means that features in Web3 1.0.0 such as block event subscription and contract event listening is now possible. Read more

Receiving Transaction Receipt without Event Fired

Since Web3 1.0.0 (currently beta.27) you can integrate the process of Read more