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Gas Limit Error when deploy Truffle project on Private Network

The most annoying error ever when deploying contracts with truffle is: Read more

Music Information Retrieval Notes

Per my friend’s interest on the application of deep learning on music, I decided to try some state-of-the-art in the area of Music Information Retrieval. Read more

Resume Blogging

The reason I resume my blog after several months is LeNPaul’s new update that integrates features such as Read more

Counterexample of Abusing Simultaneous Assignments in Python

When learning python, I was amazed by a, b = b, a and thought, “I don’t need to keep track of or caching any variables now when I want to do simultaneous assignment thanks to python!” Read more

Vectorized cs231n Beautifully with numpy

I started to work on cs231n assigments recently. Read more