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zsh not working properly under pyenv virtualenv in vscode


Add "python.terminal.activateEnvironment": false, to your vscode settings, and the integrated terminal will work as expected in vscode.


I just set up zsh for my mac, but it did not work well in the integrated terminal of vscode. When I started a new terminal, it looks like this:

source /Users/hanezu/.pyenv/versions/my-virtualenv/bin/activate

# hanezu@Hanezu-mbp.local:~/my-project-dir on git:master
 source /Users/hanezu/.pyenv/versions/my-virtualenv/bin/activate
(my-virtualenv) \h:\W \u$


However, when I open a JavaScript project in vscode, everything worked out well. Like this:

# hanezu@Hanezu-mbp.local:~/my-js-project-dir on git:master

So this must be caused by my pyenv-virtualenv settings.

If you look carefully at the wrong terminal output again, you will find out that vscode actually activate the python environment for you twice: before and after zsh is ready.


Therefore, by adding "python.terminal.activateEnvironment": false, in vscode settings, the terminal will work as expected in vscode.

By the way, this setting does not stop the terminal from activating your virtualenv, as long as you have set your virtualenv via pyenv local my-virtualenv.

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